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Thread: Lt 30

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    There’s some charts on Western side I think they do have a Loading manual now but with the big thing what are you trying to figure out . Nobody’s going to put in print the loads that we shoot to higher pressure..
    LT 30 is faster than LT 32 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluechip View Post
    I have found it frustrating to try and find an actual chart of burn rates where the common benchrest powders and both LT's are shown in some logical order. If you look at enough sites, you can find where LT30 is slower on some and faster on others. Is there a good, up to date burn rate chart out yet that includes both LT30 and LT32?
    I make my own charts with every new 8# of powder that i start with wether its T30-32 or V133 or any other powder that i have. ther is plenty of starting loads in this forum for t30 0r 32

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