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Thread: Help with a front rest

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    Help with a front rest

    Just had my first Custom gun built and need help with what rest to use now that I am getting serious about some good groups. I had a 280 AI built on a Remington action with a fairly heavy barrel (28"). Id like to learn the long range game. I live in West Texas and we have a place to shoot out to 500 and a few out to 1500. My main question is what rest for the front? I have a good leather pinch bag for the rear already. I have a Caldwell tackdriver bag for the front and it bags up fairly steady but its not tall enough. Is stacking bags under it bad? I am a newbie to the precision long range world but have been reloading "Deer rifles" for 25 years. I have a few that are .5moa out to 2-300 off of bi pods but this is not what to do with the new gun. Bring on the advice....Jim

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    There a number of options that are better than the Caldwell in my opinion. Sinclair- Brownell is one option. Take a look at their front rests with the adjustable side plates for hunting style forearms and the bag to fit. You won't need or like the benchrest style front bag as it is there for flat bottom fore arms. Should you wish to take a step up to competition this rest will suit you just fine with a change of rest top and bag.
    You didn't mention what you are using for a shooting bench so I'll take a stab at other options for getting on target and that would be to put the table on level or slightly leaning uphill.

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    It would help if you would describe your stock, preferably with make and model. That will dictate what sort of options you could properly choose at either end.

    How wide is the forearm? Is it flat or rounded on the bottom? What sort of pitch does the butt stock have on the bottom? Do you have sling swivels? Etc. etc.

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